Batai “Vokas” traukti oda. Handmade natural felted wool and leather shoes with durable double hand stitched leather rubber soles – women mens unisex shoes Gray Brown

Dar vieni batai – kaip visada, koją viduje liečia tik veltinis, viršus aptrauktas natūralia oda, padas šį kartą penkiasluoksnis – veltinis, kamštis, veltinis įgumuotas, oda ir natūrali guma, klijuotas ir siūtas rankomis su dviguba siūle. O sveria batai nedaug ir šilti ir minkšti.

New 2016 collection ”The envelope shoes”. Women men unisex fully handmade shoes made in brown leather and natural gray felted wool with a super cosy touch and is very warm. Wool felt is a natural and renewable material, made of 100% wool, using just hot water and soap – one of the purest processes in textile. Warm feeling on a cold day and cool on a hot day due to insulation properties of the wool fibers, it is extremely wear proof and warm. These handmade slippers feel like a second skin on your feet.
With durable non-slip natural cork/latex/wool/rubber sole, glued also double hand stitched waxed thread in contrast colour.








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