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Highlight unique materials, production processes and anything else that might help your shop stand out. For instance, Joel Young’s About page describes the ecologically sound practices that his shop uses to source local materials for their product lines, which fuse nature and technology. “We believe in natural selection when it comes to harvesting our wood,” he says. “Every year, storms come through the Sierra Nevada Mountains and blow over trees and break limbs. We give this wood a new life with purpose.”
Across the world in Vilnius, Lithuania, Inga, Kestas and Viktoria from Bure Bure Slippers use their About page to explain how they source wool from their herd of Skudde sheep and use ancient felting techniques to create their line of shoes and slippers. They paint a vivid picture of their mountainous rural organic farmstead through striking images and connect the dots from their free-grazing flock to a finished pair of cozy footwear. On Bread and Badger’s About page, Amanda explains how she and her husband do their own sandblasting in their garage using a CrystalBlast cabinet and 60-gallon air compressor.
Bure Bure Slippers’s process extends from farm to feet.
Bure Bure Slippers’s process extends from farm to feet.


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BureBure tai 2008 metais įkurtas šeimos verslas, mes užsiimame veltinio avalynės vėlimu.  Ilgą laiką sunkiausias iššūkis mums buvo rasti kokybišką vilną vėlimui, taigi nuo 2018 metų mes pradėjome patys ruošti vilną savo veltiniams. Mūsų parduodama vilna pasižymi geromis susivėlimo savybėmis, kiekviena partija yra testuojama. Šiame tinklalapyje taip pat rasite mums labiausiai pasiteisinusias priemones vėlimui, bei medžiagas veltinių padams. Parduodame tik tai, kas mums labiausiai pasiteisino bei ką patys naudojame!

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